Being trained in African Studies and Gender Studies, she works as a texter, documentary film director, cultural worker and project manager, based in Vienna.
What connects her work is her interest in the intersections of art, culture and civil society, with a strong focus on participation and empowerment. The scope of her work ranges from documentary film making for art house/cinema to the production of innovative image films, participatory video workshops for women and young people to creating community art festivals, conceptualising and managing international projects with focus on social science,arts and civil society.
She has worked and travelled extensively in Sub Saharan Africa, the Maghreb region, the Caucasus region inlcuding Armenia and Azerbaijan, China, and Eastern Europe. She has a huge experience in managing EU funded projects and is an expert in dissemination, including 20 years experience as a print, radio, tv and web journalist.
Her main working languages are German, French and English, plus working knowledge in Romanioan and Kiswahili.